London tube ride

People's heads. Sweating gently in the tropical climate of the Central Line. What thoughts do they contain, what beliefs, what worries?

Today, like every evening I'm travelling back home, surrounded by strange shapes of bald men's heads. They have something reptilian about them. Bony, stone-like structures, wrapped tightly in skin. Dangerously close, as it's the rush hour. Sweating gently in the tropical climate of the Central Line. What thoughts do they contain, what beliefs, what worries?
And they must contain worries. All the tensed eye-brow lines, the scared eyes, hiding behind the ophtalmological glass. All the broken dreams, bills, responsibilities… mistresses.
Do people with mistresses use the tube? Or do you need a car to pull that off?
My eyes must look blunt, mindless. I cannot take out a book in this crowd, so I kill my precious time, wondering about useless things like that.

warsaw 1939

It's a short story that I intend to develop into a novel by the end of this year. Reading my grandfathers papers from the war, inspired me to describe such a crazy occurance. Enjoy! 
(it's dark, but I think it's very funny)

My grandmother was married for exactly seventy three seconds. In a moment of weakness she gave herself to a director of the theatre, where she was starting her acting career. Immediately after, my dad started sprouting in her belly. She fell into despair, so did the family.

'What have I done?'

'She's so young! He's so old…'


Forced by her parents she finally agreed to marry Franciszek Randke. The wedding was planned for the 18th of September. Luck would have it that it was the year when Germans came uninvited. Nevertheless they stuck with the plan, even when USSR invaded on the eve of the date.

'Your bump is not getting any smaller, daughtie. You're going to the altar, if I have to take you there on a tip of a bayonet!,' her mother, my grand-grandma was effusing, slapping her foot nervously on the floor. 'Daughtie, darling, especially now, during war, you'll need a husband. And a one with a German surname is a treasure these days!'

'If grandpa was alive… Marrying a German!'

'But he's not!,' exploded her mom. 'And if you moon your butt to a German, you marry the German!'


golden rule

This lesson is the Guiding Star that will enable you to use profitably and constructively the knowledge assembled in the preceding lessons.” Napoleon Hill


That's it. We've come to an end of our two-months-travel. The 'Law of Success' series has run it's course. Well, almost. The last lesson is still waiting for you.


For more than four thousand years men have been preaching the Golden Rule as a suitable rule of conduct among men, but unfortunately the world bas

accepted the letter while totally missing the spirit of this Universal Injunction. We have accepted the Golden Rule philosophy merely as a sound rule of ethical conduct but we have failed to understand the law upon which it is based.


The Golden Rule means, substantially, to do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you if your positions were reversed.” Napoleon Hill


The Golden Rule, here described by Napoleon Hill, stands in the centre of any major religion or philosophy. It's the Kant's universal law, it's the buddhist or hinduist karma, it's what Jesus has preached.


Whatever you do, it'll come back to you. You reap, what you sow.


It's really that simple.


There is an eternal law through the operation of which we reap that which we sow. When you select the rule of conduct by which you guide yourself in your transactions with others, you will be fair and just, very likely, if you know that you are setting into motion, by that selection, a power that will run its course for weal or woe in the lives of others, returning, finally, to help or to hinder you, according to its nature. (…)

Difficulties are never settled while passion rages. They are never settled by conflict. One party may be subdued by power; but the sense of wrong will remain; the fire of passion will slumber ready to break out again on the first occasion.” Napoleon Hill



Picture from

First: Intolerance is a form of ignorance which must be mastered before any form of enduring success may be attained. It is the chief cause of all wars. It makes enemies in business and in the professions. It disintegrates the organized forces of society in a thousand forms, and stands, like a mighty giant, as a barrier to the abolition of war. It dethrones reason and substitutes mob psychology in its place.

Second: Intolerance is the chief disintegrating force in the organized religions of the world, where it plays havoc with the greatest power for good there is on this earth; by breaking up that power into small sects and denominations which spend as much effort opposing each other as they do in destroying the evils of the world.” Napoleon Hill


The world is tough enough as it is, we really don't need to add tensions, turn friends into enemies and ignore opportunities, just because we think someone's genes or upbringing (stuff, he/she had nothing to do with!) are worse than ours. Even the best personality will fail us, if we're full of prejudice.


Life is not easy. It's hard to stay positive sometimes. Now… is it really necessary to put other people down, based on some artificial ideas? I don't think so, and surely I don't recommend it.


Maybe it's obvious for you, but I recommend you read it, just to make sure, that the intolerance virus didn't get into some areas of your life (it doesn't have to be racism, or religious intolerance, you know… – thinking people from different university than yours are dumb or snobs, doesn't help you either). We need to accept all the cooperation we can get!


That you may learn how and where you acquired your philosophy of life, in general;

That you may trace your prejudices and your biases to their original source;

That you may discover, as I discovered, how largely you are the result of the training you received before you reached the age of fifteen years.” Napoleon Hill



In the outset, let us distinguish between “failure” and “temporary defeat.” Let us see if that which is so often looked upon as “failure” is not, in reality, but “temporary defeat.” Moreover, let us see if this temporary defeat is not usually a blessing in disguise, for the reason that it brings us up with a jerk and redirects our energies along different and more desirable lines. (…)

In Lesson Nine of this course, we learned that strength grows out of resistance; and we shall learn, in this lesson, that sound character is usually the handiwork of reverses, and set-backs, and temporary defeat, which the uninformed part of the world calls “failure.”” Napoleon Hill


We don't like to lose. We really don't. We fear looking stupid, wasting our time, we're afraid of a drop in self-confidence. It's only natural.


Yet, there's no other way to learn new things, to accomplish what is truly astonishing.


It seems that the more times you'll allow yourself to fail, the greater your success will be in the end.


Neither temporary defeat nor adversity amounts to failure in the mind of the person who looks upon it as a teacher that will teach some needed lesson. As a matter of fact, there is a great and lasting lesson in every reverse, and in every defeat; and, usually, it is a lesson that could he learned in no other way than through defeat.



Dear Readers of mine!

I needed to take a little break from the 'Law of Success' series. So… I translated a recent short story of mine. It was quite challenging, as the characters speak a very peculiar kind of slang, but I hope I've managed to pass that rural-religious-tough-zealous type of a speech that these people use. It's quite a funny little tale, and what's more interesting it's actually a true story. I think it says more about the 'Polish character' than any other lengthy characteristics might.

Enjoy & let me know if you liked it!


- Let a lightining struck, God punish and blood drown that earth forsaken bastard!

- Don't get worked up, mother….

- Let his eybrows burn with our lights, let his kids get burned and blistered!

- Mother, stop! I won't drive you to ER again!

- If only Stasio lived… Mary, mother of God!

- If dad was still alive, nobody would steal lights from his grave. As he wouldn't have one… – suggested Janek.

- How do you know they're getting stolen at all? – Jadzia, Janek's sister, asked.

- Daughter, please, have mercy. One time it can be wind, twice I can believe, but FOUR times! It must be some sinner with sticky paws!

- Mother, relax, for Christ sake! If mom gets a heart attack again, I'll beat mom until…

- You'll beat your own mother?! – mother Renia exclaimed, shocked.

- I don't want to, it's for mother's own good…

- Calm yourselves down! – shouted Jadzia.

- Right, right – agreed mrs. Renia.

She sighed, as she was washing the grave stone with a rug. She scratched a line of bird shit, dried between Lucjan's date of birth and death. 1947-2003.



CO-OPERATION is the beginning of all organized effort.


There are two forms of Co-operation to which your attention will be directed in this lesson; namely:

First, the Co-operation between people who group themselves together or form alliances for the purpose of attaining a given end, under the principles known as the Law of the Master Mind.

Second, the Co-operation between the conscious and the subconscious minds, which forms a reasonable hypothesis of man's ability to contact, communicate with and draw upon infinite intelligence.” Napoleon Hill


As it typically is with mr. Hill's lessons, this one too includes much more than the title would suggest. It covers the subject of cooperation between individuals, supporting the lessons on Master Mind and Leadership, but also touches the concept of cooperation between our conscious and subconscious mind, praise of positive thinking and… health advice. A truly eclectic combination.


But what else can one expect from Napoleon Hill?


Let's begin by looking on the mental aspect of inner co-operation.


concentration napoleon hill

"Concentration is the act of focusing the mind upon a given desire until ways and means for its realization have been worked out and successfully put into operation.


Two important laws enter into the act of concentrating the mind on a given desire. One is the law of Auto-suggestion and the other is the law of habit.


Let me tell you, the course in Success is getting a little intense. Mr. Hill wraps everything up in this lesson and shoves the magic pill right down your throat. It's a very pleasurable ride, though!


Concentration goes hand in hand with Definite Chief Aim and Self-Control. It allows us to cut through any obstacles, as if with a use of a razor. It's the power of focus – so important and so abandoned in today's world of multi-tasking and ADHD.


We focus on everything at the same time – maybe even reading this, you listen to music, you have Facebook or e-mail open in another window – instead of forcing our way through things, one at the time.


Let's see what Concentration is all about.


Auto-suggestion is the tool with which we dig a mental path; Concentration is the hand that holds that tool; and Habit is the map or blueprint which the mental path follows. An idea or desire, to be transformed into terms of action or physical reality, must be held in the conscious mind faithfully and persistently until habit begins to give it permanent form.” Napoleon Hill


law of success

THIS is at one and the same time the most important, the most interesting and the most difficult to present lesson of this entire course on the Law of Success. (…)

The purpose of this lesson is to aid you in so unfolding and expanding your mind that you will be able to think with accuracy, for this unfoldment will open to you a door that leads to all the power you will need in completing your Temple of Success.” Napoleon Hill


This is a fascinating lesson. In a way, it's a recap of all the crucial principles of Napoleon Hill's 'Law of Success' course: Definite Chief Aim, Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Imagination… It's a concept on which all the great motivation, self-development writers built on, ever since: Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Joe Vitale, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale… You name a guy and he read it and was inspired by it.


In a way Napoleon Hill's 'Law of Success' is the Rosetta Stone of all XX & XXI century self-improvement literature. And the Accurate Thinking lays in the heart of it.


I've spent some time cutting out the obvious – Napoleon Hill, treats his reader as a half-moron. Maybe it made sense in 1928, but it surely doesn't now. I focused and developed what I believe is most important. I hope you'll enjoy it!


pleasing personality

WHAT is an ATTRACTIVE personality? Of course the answer is: A personality that attracts.

But what causes a personality to attract? Let us proceed to find out. Your personality is the sum total of your characteristics and appearances which distinguish you from all others. The clothes you wear, the lines in your face, the tone of your voice, the thoughts you think, the character you have developed by those thoughts, all constitute parts of your personality.


Even the manner in which you shake hands forms an important part of your personality, and goes a very long way toward attracting or repelling those with whom you shake hands.

This art can be cultivated.

The expression of your eyes also forms an important part of your personality, for there are people, and they are more numerous than one might

imagine, who can look through your eyes into your heart and see that which is written there by the nature of your most secret thoughts.

The vitality of your body – sometimes called personal magnetism – also constitutes an important part of your personality.” Napoleon Hill


As most of our endeavours need support, and even if they don't they still deal with people, it's not a surprise 'Pleasing Personality' is listed among the other 15 laws of success.


Any business you're in, any venture, any relation… you can't go wrong if you're somebody people want to spend time with. In today's world there's not much space left for the lonely ranchers, farmers and troopers – and even they'd benefit if they could convince others to pay them more for their goods!


OK, enough of explaining. I think most of un know that by now.


Before I move on, though, I'd like to put your attention on the fact that 'Pleasing Personality' Law is presented in the second part of this course – long after we talked about developing a clear goal in life, self-confidence or initiative. The reason is simple – it cannot be created outside in. All the clothes, all the appearences won't make you into a magnetic personality, if your core is not in tact. It's the same in selling, public speaking or attracting the opposite sex – it's the inside you that counts. The character must be developed first.


By far the most important part of your personality is that which is represented by your character, and is therefore the part that is not visible. The style of your clothes and their appropriateness undoubtedly constitute a very important part of your personality, for it is true that people form first impressions of you from your outward appearance.” Napoleon Hill


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